Jacksonville, emergency garage door repair is something you may only need once in a lifetime. But when you do need 24/7 garage door services, isn’t it good to have someone you can trust?

Here in Florida, many people try to take advantage of hurricane season to gouge those who have sustained garage repair Jacksonville damage. Before you hire any contractor to work on your garage, see what their reputation in the area is and whether they can provide references. A First Coast Garage Doors is well known in the area as the leading provider of emergency garage door repair in Jacksonville. Emergency garage door service might be necessary in the following circumstances:

  • Hurricane or Tropical Storm Damage
  • Hail or Snow Damage
  • Car Accident Damage
  1. What is Hurricane or tropical storm damage of garage door?

Hurricane is a speedy wind scale. It is 1 to 5 rating based wind speed. Its estimate essential property damage.  It can be cause of your garage door broken.

  1. Hail and snow damage of garage door:

Hailstones, and snow may be the cause of damaging of your garage door. Hail is distinct from the ice plates. Hailstones usually measure between 5 millimeters and 15 centimeters in diameter. And snow is cause of frozen your garage door.

  1. Car accidental damage

If your car damaged your garage door and you want to repair your garage door. You must call the emergency garage door repair. We can provide you urgent and good services.

Garage door Services:

If you have sustained damage to your garage door for one of these reasons, you can call us for 24-hour garage door repair. We promise the same quality service we are known for as we complete your emergency garage door repair. Not to mention that our emergency garage door service is affordable! Call us for any emergency garage door help that you might need.


In addition to repair services, we do garage door installation for clients who simply wish to change the look of the exterior of their home or who want to upgrade to a more advanced or newer model with more features. We are happy to review all available options with you and help you choose the right door for your home.