What is Garage Door Panel Repair?

Most garage doors are made up of garage door panels, which range in size, depending on the manufacturer. If only one spot in your garage is sagging or damaged, you may be able to replace one Jacksonville garage door panel instead of the whole door. At First Coast Garage Doors, we are always happy to perform garage door panel repair in Jacksonville, if the rest of the garage door is still in good condition.

Many people think that garage door panel replacement is a DIY project something they can take on themselves to save time and money. However, that can be a risky proposition. Replacing a garage door panel in Jacksonville requires tools as well as experience. Many times when a homeowner takes on the repair, inexperience can lead to damage to another garage door panel, compounding the issue and making the repair more costly.

Additionally, if your panels are bolted in with a spring, removing them can be dangerous. Garage door springs hold much more tension than you would think given their size and can shoot out, causing injury as metal projectiles hurtling at great speeds tend to do.

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