Electric garage door opener break

What good is your electric garage door without a garage door opener? First Coast Garage Doors can help you get your garage door opener repaired or replaced quickly and without hassle. We know how inconvenient that a garage door with a broken opener can be to you. Our team of expert technicians can get your garage door opener working like new again.

Most common problems of garage door opener:

When the garage door opener decides to require daily off, it will leave you stuck outside, most likely throughout a rain or snow storm. It depend on the garage door gap and shutting at the press of a button. Following are the garage door opener common problems;

Garage door sensor
• Fixing garage door remote
• Adjusting the limit switches
• Door closing issues
• Replacing a garage door opener
• Transmitter batteries are dead
• Photo eye is out of alignment
• Track are not aligned properly
• Something is wrong with your transmitters
• Something is blocking the door’s path
• Spring are broken
• Garage door limit setting is not set properly
• Disconnect switch was enabled
• Tension spring and cable are broken

How Garage Door Openers Break?

Isolating the problem with your garage door opener can be a time-consuming, complicated process. It is necessary to hire a garage door expert to diagnose and repair the problem when you can’t figure it out. First Coast Garage Doors is your source for garage door opener repair in Jacksonville. Some garage door opener repairs are easier to diagnose than others. Below are some common garage door opener issues:
• Malfunctioning Safety Eye
• Malfunctioning Opening/Closing Limiter
• Broken Safety Reversal
• Improper Placement of Control Mechanisms in the Motor
• Bent Motor Activation Arm

1- Malfunctioning Safety Eye:
The photoelectronic safety eye is very useful and essential for your garage door. They are designed to make the garage door go up but can be a problem if they are malfunctioning, it is difficult to close the door.

2- Malfunctioning Opening/Closing Limiter:
Garage door opener limit switches tells the motor that lift and lower the garage door when stop the running. Garage door opener limiter switches may prevent your garage door close and open properly.

3- Broken safety reversal:
You must check your safety reversal system every month, you check your garage door if garage door fully open or revers properly. If the door stop on the barrier, it is not travelling enough down inches the down level. If the opener again and again fail the safety reversal test, you need to call the experts. Because it is seriously cause of injured or killed by closing of garage door.

4- Improper Placement of Control Mechanisms in the Motor:
You check your garage door motor mechanisms properly every month. Look your garage door spring, pulley, cables, and roller work properly. If these thing s are not working properly, you need to be repair your garage door.

5- Bent Motor Activation Arm:
The bent motor activation arm spins the pulley that moves the trolley along the rail to up and down the garage door. If the bent motor arm cannot work properly its creates a problem for opening and closing the garage door.

How to easily install a garage door opener?

1. Lay out all of the parts with your opener came with.
2. Begin by putting together the main assembly.
3. Install blocking on the ceiling, if there is none there already.
4. Find the point of connection to the garage door and attach the bracket that came with your opener to the door itself.

Are you having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your garage door opener?
First Coast Garage Doors:is the right company to call for Jacksonville garage door opener service and repair. Our technicians have the knowledge, tools and experience to figure out what’s making your garage door opener malfunction. You can count on us to provide excellent service at the best value to you. We are proud to serve Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Southside, Baymeadows, Fruit Cove, Ortega, Avondale, Riverside, Orange Park, Green Cove, Middleburg, San Marco, Mandarin, and St. Augustine, FL.